Take Five on Aquarelle

Current Exhibition: Take Five on Aquarelle  

11 February to 7 April 2017

Five generations of artists create art through the medium of aquarelle (watercolor) in this exhibit. Harking back to prehistory, aquarelle remains a popular language of expression by artists worldwide as it is capable of creating images in simple lines or rendering complex, minutely detailed, pictures.

The five artists, spanning more than half a century in time frame, reveal the ever changing approach and style in aquarelle in the Philippines, starting with the eldest Alfredo Roces in his 80’s to National Artist BenCab in his 70’s, Elmer Borlongan in his 50’s, Kelly Ramos in her 40’s and on down to 28 year old Abi Dionisio.

Arranged chronologically one can experience changing times and sentiments of five generations of artists through their most recent works created for this exhibit. Here are five voices singing in the same medium.

– Alfredo Roces